German SKY Alliance - Registration
  • No part of the German Sky Virtual Airlines website design or layout may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any other means electronic or mechanical to include photocopying, recording, reproducing, or electronic storage. Any such act represents a copyright violation and theft of intellectual property solely owned by German SKY Virtual Airlines. The web site clearly disclaims any affiliation with German Sky Airlines and that the site is not a commercial website. Additionally, the website indicates that is not affiliated with or endorsed by German Sky Airlines and does not use the trademark to suggest ownership or sponsorship.

    Legal Information
    German Sky Virtual Airlines is a Virtual Airline only.
    The organization is not a real world airline, nor are there any real world offices in our hub locations. The organization does not hire individuals for any sort of real world employment. German Sky Virtual Airlines exists in whole to be a community of hobbyists who enjoy the hobby of Flight Simulation using Microsoft Flight Simulator. All flight informational including charts, airport diagrams, flight schedules, etc., are for the sole purpose of German Sky Virtual Airlines pilots and not be used in real world aviation. German Sky Virtual Airlines sole purpose is to provide entertainment for the voluntary members of the organization. German Sky Virtual Airlines is a non-profit entity and generates no revenue whatsoever. Any operation or documentation that is similar to any actual airline is purely coincidental and is no way intended to violate any copyright, trademarks or other protection laws.
    The German Sky Airlines logo and trademark on this site remain the property of German Sky Airlines. German Sky Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with the real world German Sky Airlines. There is no trade channel for German Sky Virtual Airlines. The web-site is for entertainment and education and not for a commercial purpose.
    The German Sky Virtual Airlines web site does not have the ability to accept or purchasing airline tickets. The German Sky Virtual Airlines publicly accessible website does not have any flight schedules or booking pages available which could confuse a customer in believing they were booking a flight with German Sky Virtual Airlines instead of German Sky Airlines.