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Joining procedure
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    Joining procedure

    by germansky » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:55 am

    1- Membership & Training Department is responsible for Exam and Certificates. This department will be in contact with new pilot candidates. The written tests will be published via our website in English and these questions have to be answered in a certain limited of time.
    2- Having 50 online hours on Vatsim or IVAO platforms, the new members may fill in the application form and have right to attend Virtual Private Pilot Licence (VPPL) exam . Successful applicants will start to fly for German SKY Virtual Airlines with the rank Private Pilot. All online GHY call-signed flights will be added to current hours for the each pilot and these hours will be seen on Roster part on our website.
    3- After being a member of German SKY Virtual Airlines, the first flight has to be done in 7 days time with your given GHY callsign, otherwise your application will be deleted if you do not have any excuses.
    4- You may only have domestic flights with Private Pilot Rank except for special permissions.
    5- After having 100 hours on Vatsim or IVAO platforms, all new pilots may attend required exams to reach higher ranks and get their certificates.
    6- All German SKY Virtual Airlines Certificates will be sent to the members by e-mails.
    7- Sufficient sources and documents are available on our website.
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